Child Development Center – Programs

Infant Classroom: Our infant programs are for ages six weeks to approximately 14 months. The infant room caregivers are trained in a specialized infant/toddler program and are certified in CPR/first aid. In the infant room, caregivers encourage development by rocking, singing, reading stories, playing games and comforting your baby. Our goal is to provide a warm, safe, loving environment.

Parents are encouraged to share information about their child’s routine so that we can ensure that we provide a consistent environment that meets each child’s individual needs. Through daily written and verbal communication, parents are informed of every aspect of their child’s day.

Waddler Room:  The Waddler room is designed for ages 14 to 24 months old. When your child moves to the Waddler room, he/she will sleep on cots, not cribs. They will take one scheduled nap per day. The waddler room has defined learning centers. The creative curriculum establishes a classroom where children can learn and explore. Children enjoy music, movement activities, indoor/outdoor play, story time, finger plays and more. Children are provided their own cubbies for their belongings.

Toddler Room:  Children who are 24-36 months old are enrolled in our Toddler class. Toddlers sit in chairs their own size, sleep on cots, begin drinking out of regular cups, use toddler sized utensils, and begin their potty-training process. Painting, playing in the sand/water table, and learning new songs are only a small part of their indoor/outdoor activities. With the creative curriculum, the toddler’s classroom is set up to allow them to explore, discover and learn. At this age, toddlers are becoming more independent and enjoy the opportunity to put their own belongings away, choose the book they want for story time, etc.

Pre-K:  Children three years of age begin in our Pre-K classrooms. Lesson plans involve hands-on learning activities which focus on cognitive skills, language and literacy, art and music, physical development, math activities and exciting science discoveries.  Children develop positive social/emotional skills through games and small and large group activities which encourage sharing, taking turns and getting along with others.  Teachers work with the children to develop self-help skills and kindergarten readiness.

4 yr old Pre-K:

The Glen Dale Child Development Center also operates a private Pre-K program for children who are four years old before July 1st. This program is taught by a certified teacher and follows the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum. This curriculum model is linked to the WV Early Learning Standards and allows the teacher to focus on each child’s unique development. Well defined learning centers, which include art, dramatic play, blocks, science, math and manipulatives, music and movement and library areas, are arranged so that the children have the opportunity to make choices, be creative, get messy and to work in groups as well as independently. Lesson plans focus on literacy, early writing skills, math and science. Materials and props are rotated and/or added to the centers regularly to expand on the children’s interests and learning experiences. Children are encouraged to interact, explore, and ask questions as they learn. Our Pre-K program prepares children for the transition to kindergarten.

School Aged Program:

During the school year the CDC serves the Glen Dale Elementary School by providing before and after school care.  A staff member will escort children to and from school.

  • Before School Care- Children participate in a quiet activity and are escorted to school.
  • After School Care- Children are picked up at Glen Dale Elementary School and escorted to the CDC.  Children will be provided a snack, be assisted with homework and participate in structured activities.
  • Snow days/Holidays- In the event that school is cancelled, we provide all day care to children.  You are required to pay for this service at the time of sign in.  Children will be provided with structured activities, games, and meals.

Summer Care:

  • Summer “Cool Camp” is offered for school age children up to 12 years of age. Monday-Friday from 7:30am-5pm.  Activities include art, crafts, games, meals, and swimming at the Glen Dale City Pool.